Civil War Participants Rhinebeck, NY Dutchess County

Civil War Participants Rhinebeck, NY Dutchess County

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Rhinebeck, New York Dutchess County

This transcript is an attempt to record the names and data about Civil War participants using the names of those persons associated with Rhinebeck. The listing begins with the names found in the handwritten volume in the Rhinebeck Historian’s collection RTH in the Rhinebeck Historical Soci-ety archives room at the Rhinebeck Starr Library: “Descriptive Book, Armstrong Post No 104, Dept of New York, G.A.R.” and is transcribed as pag-es 1 through 110 of this book. The scope of this book, therefore, is to present the names and identities of not only those Civil War participants who are buried in Rhinebeck but also those who were born there, lived there and/or died there.


ISBN: 1-56012-401-6

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